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At A-Z Computer Repair we specialize in delivering you the best performance at the most competitive prices in town.  Our expert staff can help you to find your next PC or help you to repair any of your favorite digital products.  We take pride in our work and from the moment you enter our shop you are greeted with the highest level of professionalism.  We are here to help you get your PC back in action and nobody can provide you with better service.  Stop in today to see why we are Ohio’s favorite computer repair store.


A-Z Computer Repair!

Thanks for getting my PC back up without losing my photos.  My wife would have killed me if I lost our sons baby pictures.

Craig Wibly

Bar Owner, Wisky C's Brewery

I am so happy you were able to save my PC.  I was scared I was going to lose all my Bitcoin’s.  Now I can get back to business.  Thanks A-Z

Daniell Bior


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